Safety First: People on the teen chat line only know as much information about you as you let them know. Please never give out personal information about yourself such as phone number or address… etc

Respect: Please treat all other chatters here with respect! Everyone is here to have a good time and have some fun. Do not type in all CAP letters or flood the screen with your text. This may cause you to be kicked from the room by the room moderator.

Register your NickName: We are sure you will love our Teen Chat rooms. So please register your Nickname. You do NOT have to register your name, however registering makes sure that no one else can use it. You can do this by double clicking on your own name in the members list. If you try to enter chat and get asked for a password, enter your pass. If it is not your name, but already registered try to find another name that is not yet registered by another chat user.

Person to person chat: You may chat privately with any chat member simply by clicking their name 2 times. This will bring up the person’s profile and a new chat window allowing you to chat with the person 1 on 1 while still being able to watch and chat in the main chat room.

Our iteen chat rooms are Moderated as much as possible to help insure a fun, safe and clean chat environment for everyone. However we can not monitor every thing all the time and we are unable to monitor private chats. If someone harasses you in any manner you may use the ignore user feature. This will prevent you from seeing that person’s text on your screen.